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The Battle

While the sounds of combat may have long faded, a new battle is being waged. Latest combat statistics have shown that 20% of soldiers deployed in the past six years have been diagnosed with PTSD equaling 300,000. Suicide, social disorders, depression are on the rise and have debilitating effects on our veteran’s. While we may be winning the battle overseas many of our veterans are losing ground here at home!! On an average 22 Veteran commits suicide every day. Over medicated and without a voice they lose hope for living and tragically end their  lives. This is the sad reality of combat and many facing PTSD.


We believe there is a better way and have committed our lives to “Serving Those Who Served”.

Charlie & Mattis​

Charlie is our most recent volunteer. He is a graduate of Texas A&M and is currently working for his families business, Conner Industries. 

Additionally, he is a volunteer firefighter and is involved in his chuch, Grace Fellowship. 


Charlie wanted to get involved because of his great love for the military and his country.


He is voluntering as a Puppy Raiser and has committed to investing 2 years of his life into preparing Mattis for service...

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