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Areas of Assistance...


This is our primary reason for starting Freedom Fur, Inc. Our desire is to get as many trained service dogs as possible in the hands of our veterans battling PTSD.


​Sometimes veterans contact us and want help training their own dog for service. While we are very selective about the kinds of dogs we train, we won't turn down any veteran that needs help. Our motto is "we don't care where your service dogs comes from, just get one"!!


​This is the newest venture for Freedom Fur and is still in the works. With our combined 30+ years in the travel industry, we will be using our contacts and expertise to locate opportunities for our veterans to enjoy a few days away from the battles of everyday life with their family who fight this war with them.


​The work we do cannot be accomplished without the selfless giving of those who come alongside us. While we are an all volunteer organization and have no paid employees, there are significant costs involved with what we do. We are always looking for organizations to partner with.


​On an average veterans move 3x's more than civilians and moving isn't cheap. We are doing our part to offset the cost by offering the use of our Freedom Fur enclosed trailers at no cost to the veterans. Hopeful this will give them additional resources to fund more important things.

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