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Puppy Raiser
Puppy Press
Puppy Prayer
Puppy Payer

The Puppy Raisers provide a unique opportunity for volunteers to assist in our important mission. Volunteer puppy raisers provide these special dogs with a safe warm home. lots of love and  socialization  opportunities. They teach them their first commands: Sit, Stay, Down, Come, and many others.

We are always looking for ways to educate others about the mission of Freedom Fur. We are open to speak at schools, churches, civic groups or anywhere people will listen. We believe that or veterans deserve a voice and advocate.

We are a ministry based on faith and freedom. We could not do what we do without the prayers of our supporters and the power of our God. Please pray for Freedom Fur and those we serve. Because the nature of this organization we see alot of hurt and heartbreak. Pray for our Vets!

Without the generous support of our volunteers and donors we would be lost. We believe that out veterans deserve the very best and ask that you consider a one time tax deductible financial gift or ongoing support of Freedom Fur, Inc. 

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